The Flower House

Easter always feels more special to me than Christmas as daylight hours are increasing and everything is bursting back to life and I wanted to mark it with The Flower House event. For many years at Walnuts Farm, we had planted up hundreds of dark-flowering tulip bulbs, like Queen of Night in the wild meadow grass (only to be eaten by squirrels), and we were influenced when creating the look and feel of the kitchen and living rooms by the wonderful simple paintings of Dutch interiors.  This dark colour palette was my starting point for The Flower House so we set about limewashing the walls and painting the floorboards chocolate brown to create the perfect backdrop for our sale of Mary Norden and Polly Wreyfords’ flower photography from their accomplished book Gathered. I asked Zanna Hoskins of Spindle Flowers to source cut tulip flowers for me and she did an absolutely brilliant job delivering bucketfuls of the jewel-like beauties and precise instructions to keep them wrapped in damp newspaper and in a dark, cool place to hold them back so they’d be perfect for the opening night.