The Dog House

The Dog House was on the one hand a pop-up photo studio where dog owners could bring their beloved pooch for a portrait session  against a dramatic dark background, and also an artist open house. Having fun with the dog house theme, Nick drew Keith Haring-esque, cartoon-style dogs on the walls  and we served the deliciously blended Black dog gin with fresh orange and sprigs of rosemary at our private view. Upstairs in our first floor salon, we created an indoor tree festooned with belts and bags in bridlewear quality leather made by Doe Leather and some beautifully crafted leather dog collars and leads with brass and silver buckles by Rapson de Pauley. The sculptor, Sophie Ryder made a bronze cast Galgo dog for us to sell to raise money for the dog charity in Spain she supports and largescale monochrome drawings of longdogs by the wildlife artist Helen Fay were much admired.