Clothes drying in the land of fog and bog


On those damp Winter days when the smoke from the chimney hangs around in the yard, and if it’s not actually raining then it feels like you’re walking through a cloud, getting clothes dry without resorting to the spin drier can be a chore. As children we used to have a clothes ‘horse’, over which we draped damp clothes to dry, or to warm them a little on a cold morning before putting them on. I’m not quite sure what happened to our last one, but recently Libby from Dulverton Trading kindly sent us their version – the Airy Fairy, which hooks onto the front of an Aga or Rayburn and serves a similar purpose. It uses the residual heat from the range to gently dry and air the clothes.



Unlike our old clothes ‘horse’ it has the advantage that it can be folded when off duty and lodged in some out of the way spot, and it’s become a favourite with the girls who have taken to using it as the ‘barre’ during ballet practice.


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