Winter work at Walnuts Farm: Bella and Nick weave a willow fence


Winter Work at Walnuts Farm – Feeding the Bees


On a bright still day Bella opens up her hives to give the bees a sugar fix as there’s not much for them to forage from the wild over Winter…

Winter Work at Walnuts Farm – Log Splitting


Between downpours we’ve been out splitting ash to feed the fires here at Walnuts Farm.

Winter Work at Walnuts Farm – Woven Willow Fence Making


Here are a few stills from a little film we’re making, of us constructing a woven willow fence on a sunny Winter’s day at Walnuts Farm…

Homemade Sourdough



In between shovelling roadstone to form the foundation of our new gravel path, Nick made his best crusty sourdough to date. The perfect bread for a well-earned bacon sandwich. You can see the recipe for an easy sourdough loaf in the February issue of Country Living magazine.

Christmas is coming…