Garlic planting at Walnuts Farm



A quick roughen up with my Father’s 1960’s issue wooden handled ‘Wolf’ cultivator – and we’re ready to plant out the garlic that has been growing steadily in modules in the cold frames.

Last of the Brussels Sprouts.



We usually keep our brassicas going as long as possible to help us over ‘the hungry gap’ – that time between the point when the stored vegetables are used up or spoiled, and the new season’s vegetables start to produce. But these Brussels Sprouts are coming out now to make way for the garlic going in. We can’t resist one more picking of the smallest sprouts for tonight’s supper with sausages and mash. Fittingly the remainder will go to the pigs.

Easter at Walnuts Farm with Nick & Bella in April Country Living


Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday



Today we’re flipping pancakes, and everyone ends up smiling…


Savour Life at Walnuts Farm with Nick and Bella in Country Living magazine – March 2014



Photographs by Brent Darby. Food and Drink Editor Alison Walker. Styling by Caroline Reeves. Words by Louise Elliott.

‘Animal Farm’ – Port Magazine at Walnuts Farm

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Photography Roger Rich. Styling David St John-James. Grooming Bianca Tuovi at CLM. Model Aaron Vernon at D1. Casting Eddy Martin for File and Parade. Photographic assistant Matt Foxley. Styling assistant Nachum Shonn. Production Jo Matthews. Retouching Chris Roome at Happy Finish.