The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries



On Saturday 9th April 2016 we’ll be talking a little about Walnuts Farm and signing copies of our book The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries. We hope to see lots of you there!



A Map of Walnuts Farm

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New indoor / outdoor shoot space at Walnuts Farm


We’ve just added a green oak framed porch on Sussex sandstone pad stones, and will be adding an oak boarded deck beneath it in Spring. The oak frame by English Heritage Buildings is the first major structural addition to Walnuts Farm for about two hundred years.

It’s perfect for keeping the wood (and your models) dry.



Walnuts Farm – the campsite


Here’s our wild campsite featuring our heavy duty canvas bell tent as used by Kew, and camp fire with tripod and suspended cast iron dutch oven. Just add your own bunting, or hang our white canvas hammock between a couple of handy trees.

Pigs at Walnuts Farm

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Specially chosen for their beauty, they’re willing to pose in exchange for a slap and a tickle.

If we are providing your catering you can now enjoy the above as sausages, bacon and ham.

Vintage Hand Cart

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