The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries



On Saturday 9th April 2016 we’ll be talking a little about Walnuts Farm and signing copies of our book The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries. We hope to see lots of you there!



Garlic planting at Walnuts Farm



A quick roughen up with my Father’s 1960’s issue wooden handled ‘Wolf’ cultivator – and we’re ready to plant out the garlic that has been growing steadily in modules in the cold frames.

Last of the Brussels Sprouts.



We usually keep our brassicas going as long as possible to help us over ‘the hungry gap’ – that time between the point when the stored vegetables are used up or spoiled, and the new season’s vegetables start to produce. But these Brussels Sprouts are coming out now to make way for the garlic going in. We can’t resist one more picking of the smallest sprouts for tonight’s supper with sausages and mash. Fittingly the remainder will go to the pigs.

The Bee Garden



It’s always hard to remember the Summer when in the depths of even a mild Winter, but a few days of sunshine has got us planning the Spring sowing of the bee garden. Here’s last year’s in August…


Winter work at Walnuts Farm: Bella and Nick weave a willow fence


Winter Work at Walnuts Farm – Woven Willow Fence Making


Here are a few stills from a little film we’re making, of us constructing a woven willow fence on a sunny Winter’s day at Walnuts Farm…