Home Sweet Homestead – The New Homesteader featured in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine



The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine recently featured our book The New Homesteader in print and online. Photographs Nick Ivins.


The New Homesteader The New Homesteader The New Homesteader

The New Homesteader is available to purchase from the Mail Book Shop.

The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries



On Saturday 9th April 2016 we’ll be talking a little about Walnuts Farm and signing copies of our book The New Homesteader at Petersham Nurseries. We hope to see lots of you there!



‘The New Homesteader’ Book Out Spring 2016



Our first book The New Homesteader published by Ryland Peters & Small is due out on the 10th March 2016 and is available to pre-order now.


The New Homesteader

“A Taste of The Good Life” with Nick & Bella – keeping hens – in May issue of Country Living



Interview by Ruth Chandler. Photographs by Andrew Montgomery. Recipe by Alison Walker.


A gentle introduction to keeping hens in the May issue of Country Living magazine…


2334-nick-7-bella-walnuts-farm-rustic-shoot-location-house-country-living-good-life-hen-keeping-May-1 2334-nick-7-bella-walnuts-farm-rustic-shoot-location-house-country-living-good-life-hen-keeping-May-2 2334-nick-7-bella-walnuts-farm-rustic-shoot-location-house-country-living-good-life-hen-keeping-May-3 2334-nick-7-bella-walnuts-farm-rustic-shoot-location-house-country-living-good-life-hen-keeping-May-4

Garden planning, and compost making.



The sun is out and we’re anticipating the year ahead. Last year Andrew Montgomery and the Country Living team came to film our endeavours at Walnuts Farm. Here’s a little hint of what’s to come.


How to make butter with Country Living at Walnuts Farm




Making butter is a really simple and satisfying kitchen craft and produces delicious results very quickly. For this short film,  we made the process of butter making even simpler by using a kitchen blender to beat the double cream until it separated out into clumps of yellow butter and liquid buttermilk.